Ground-Mounted Hoists and Trolley Hoists

This is the prized, trustworthy assistant every contractor needs. RGC’s Trolley Hoists and Ground-Mounted Hoists are ready to become your crew’s MVP, capable of lifting 1,000 lbs and 500 lbs, respectively and are constructed of high-strength steel tubing for reliability. Hydraulic power makes easy work of lifting and lowering big loads.

RGC’s Trolley and Ground-Mounted hoists feature:

  • High-strength steel tubing for strong, reliable construction
  • Hydraulic power-up and power-down feature puts the operator in complete control
  • Easy frame dismantling into three sections for quick transport (Trolley Hoist TT1000 model only)
  • Self-locking pins for fast assembly (Trolley Hoist TT1000 model only)
  • Adjustable legs for secure use on sloped roofs and parapets (Trolley Hoist TT1000 model only)
  • The track allows loads to be pulled in from the roof edge for fast, safe and easy unloading (Trolley Hoist TT1000 model only)
  • Trolley wheels are protected from dirt and corrosion by the heavy-duty steel track (Trolley Hoist TT1000 model only)
  • A protective operator fence provides additional safety (Trolley Hoist TT1000 model only)
  • Nesting ballast weight shells are included for enhanced safety in a convenient form (Trolley Hoist TT1000 model only)

RGC’s Trolley Hoists and Ground-Mounted are the extra crew member you’ll be counting on for years to come.

  • 1,000 lb. Trolley Hoist

The TT1000 Trolley Hoist boasts a 1/2 ton load capacity, standard operator fence and the ability to hang over the roof by up to 5’, all of which keeps your crew’s safety at the forefront without compromising speed.

  • 500 lb. Ground-Mounted Hoist

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