The gear you need for every heavy-lifting job.

RGC Hoisting has the tools and accessories you and your crew need to transport gravel, HVAC units and tear-off asphalt safely and securely, no matter the job site.


HydraWinch models are standard with the HS1000 and HS2000 swing hoists.  The HW1000S is designed for the 1,000 lb capacity hoist.  The HW2000S and HydraWinch HD are designed for the 2,000 lb capacity hoist.

Gravel Buckets

Gravel Bucket – your choice of 400 lb, 800 lb and 1600 lb capacities to accommodate any size project with bottom discharge on all models for safer dispersal of materials

Hoisting Forks

Hoist Forks – the ideal choice for efficient movement of large quantities of rolled material; available in 1000 lb and 2000 lb capacities

Ballast Weight Shells

Ballast Weight Shells – an easy-to-assemble steel shell that can be filled with concrete for improved stability and counterbalance for swing and trolley hoists

Trash Trays

Trash Trays – available 400 lb and 1200 lb capacities to make quick, efficient work of transporting scrap materials and old shingles or tiles

2019 Catalog


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