Classic Platform Hoist

RGC’s Classic Platform Hoist offer support for loads weighing up to 400 pounds while keeping your crew’s safety paramount. Lightweight and more cost-effective than cranes or forklifts, RGC’s Classic Platform Hoists assemble easily without the need for special tools.


RGC’s Classic Platform Hoists feature:

  • Up to 44’ of track
  • Power drives mount to the third and fifth track cross ties for use on job sites where landscaping is a consideration
  • Easy-to-reach long clutch and brake handles for enhanced safety

RGC Classic Platform Hoists come in your choice of gas or electric power for outdoor or indoor operation.

Pro Hoist

When your crew is working on a large job site and needs to pay attention to tasks spread out over a large area, RGC’s PRO Platform Hoists are your go-to option.

The best single-handle platform hoist on the market is engineered for professional roofers with their safety in mind. PRO Platform Hoists assemble easily and quickly without requiring special tools.

RGC’s PRO Platform Hoists feature:

  • Easy mounting to second and third track cross ties without needing to lift into place
  • A single long handle to control the hoist safely with minimal effort
  • Easier speed regulation for lifting and lowering loads for improved safety

PRO Platform Hoists come in your choice of gas or electric power for outdoor or indoor operation.



For job sites without reliable power, or in work zones with restrictive noise or emissions regulations, consider the HandiHoist.

Operated manually by turning a 24” hand wheel, the HandiHoist is an economical, environmentally friendly option that has all the strength of our other hoists but without a motor, making it ideal for indoor jobs.


RGC’s HandiHoists feature:

  • Flexibility to be mounted on track lengths of 12’ to 44’ while still capable of lifting loads up to 400 lbs
  • A large cable drum and 3.5:1 gear ratio winch for easy lifting
  • Friction disc brakes for smooth speed control when raising and lowering heavy loads

HandiHoists are ideal for environmentally sensitive work sites or those in which electrical power is at a premium.

Pivoting Platform Hoist

Pivoting Platform Hoists can support loads weighing up to 400 lbs that need to be lifted up to 44’ in the air, all with a pivoting track section adjustable from 35° to 70°, adapting to nearly any sloped roof.

RGC’s Pivoting Platform Hoists offer:

  • The functionality of a conveyor belt without the hefty price
  • Improved safety by allowing loads to be deposited further from a roof’s edge
  • An adaptable track configuration that can be assembled easily to meet your project’s demands

Pivoting Platform Hoists come with your choice of Honda or Briggs & Stratton 4 hp engines or a 1-½ hp electric motor.


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