Platform Hoist Accessories

The tools and accessories you need to keep the job running on time, from solar panel carriers and supports to replacement and extension lengths of track

Telescope Support

Telescope Support will bring your business to new heights, adding reinforced support to track lengths when raising loads more than 28’ in height.

Gravel Hoppers

Lift small stone and granular material without breaking a sweat with RGC’s Gravel Hoppers (400 lb only).

Track Section Replacements

Extend your reach, and the life of your equipment, with track section replacements.  Choose from 4’, 8’ and 16’ sections to meet your needs.  Splice plates come standard on all lengths; base length sections of 8’ and 16’ are standard and come with safety shoes.

Roller Angle Guides

RGC’s Roller Angle Guides (400 lb only) are 6 ft long, attach to the top of the bracket of the 400 lb lift and safely remove material away from the roof’s edge on shallow inclines, adding to your crew’s safety on the job site.

2019 Catalog


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