How to choose your Platform Hoist

Having the right power drive means the job can be completed on time, on budget and without any hiccups or unforeseen complications. RGC offers three options – RGC Classic, RGC Pro and HandiHoist – and four track package options, each designed to support the hardest working team in the market: Yours.

How to choose your power drive

Picking Your Power Drive.

RGC Classic

RGC Classic power drives sit higher on the track, making them a perfect choice for those who work predominantly in residential and community job sites where landscaping could pose an obstacle. With clutch and brake handles on the bottom of the drive, you can easily operate your hoist.


RGC PRO power drives come equipped with wheels for easy mobility around a job site. A single handle at hip height offers easy control of whatever you’re lifting. PRO Power drives also allow easier speed regulation for lifting and lowering loads, providing additional safety for your crew.


HandiHoist models offer an environmentally friendly option for job sites where noise and emissions are a concern. Operated by a 24” hand wheel, HandiHoists are manually controlled and provide easy lifting and quiet operation in restrictive work sites or where power drives are limited.

Which track package is right for you?

From 12’ to 44’, with RGC you can select the track package perfect for your needs. Do you want an 8’ base to transport in the back of a pick-up? Or do you want the traditional 16’ base so you are taking fewer pieces with you on the job?

Select the track package that works best for you and your crew:

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